This information outlines the warranty coverage and procedure for items purchased from Diesel Services NZ through the  website.

This warranty is additional to and does not replace or supersede standard consumer law or your statutory rights under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Products purchased by a business for commercial use or forward sale are not covered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

  1. COVERAGE: All items for sale on this website are covered by 12 month / 20 000km / 2000 hours, standard manufacturer’s warranty against a product fault or failure unless otherwise stated on the specific product page.


  1. INSTALLATION: Items purchased from Diesel Parts NZ must be installed by an experienced technician in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or the supplied installation guides.


  1. ACTION: If a fault arises with a product purchased from Diesel Parts NZ, in the first instance you must contact us by phone or email to discuss the nature of the issue. If outside remedies are sourced and the original fault / remedy has not been discussed with Diesel Parts NZ prior, costs incurred will not be reimbursed and warranty may be declined.  If repairs are undertaken by parties not contracted directly by Diesel Parts NZ, warranty may be declined.


  1. LIMITATIONS: As per our Terms & Conditions of trade, Diesel Services NZ can only be held liable up to the value of the original invoice and no other incurred costs, ie: towing, accommodation, rental fees etc- will be reimbursed.


       5. ASSESSMENT: Once the faulty unit has been received, we will perform a full assessment to determine the nature and cause of the failure. We will then contact you within 7-14 days with a warranty decision and a possible remedy which may include at our discretion, one of the following options:

  • A new replacement item
  • Repairing the failed item to manufacturers standards
  • A full credit to the value of the original invoice

Note: There may be a delay with a warranty decision if the original equipment manufacturer requests the unit is sent back to their factory for assessment before a decision can be made.

      6. EXCLUSIONS: Warranty will be declined if the unit is deemed to have failed as a result of one or more of the following:

  •  poor installation, incorrect assembly
  • incorrect operation
  • a failure to act when the fault first occurs possibly causing further damage
  • incorrect fuel usage
  • contaminated fuel
  • modified wiring
  • usage that does not fit that intended by the equipment manufacturer
  • a lack of regular servicing & maintenance
  • any external influence that may have affected the performance or reliability of the product we have supplied


  1. PERIOD: If a new or repaired item is supplied, the warranty period does not start again. The warranty period from the original purchase continues until the 12 months from the original purchase date concludes.
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