095000-6250 DENSO Common Rail Injector

Nissan Navara / Pathfinder


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*NOTE: Additional $100 core charge per injector on top of purchase price, refunded on return of the old injector core

16600-EC00A 16600-EB700 16600-EB70D 16600-EB70A 16600-EB70C

Quality: OE specification
*Requires Injector Compensation programming with genuine OE-or DENSO diagnostic tool

APPLICATION- guide only
Please check original part number via VIN or contact Diesel Parts NZ to ensure this is the correct injector for your vehicle
Nissan Navara 2.5 d 2005- YD25, DDTi, D22, D40, dCi, 4WD, Pickup, NP300, Euro 4
Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 d 2006- YD25, DDTi, dCi, Euro 4, D4

095000 625#, 095000 6250, 095000 6251, 095000 6252, 095000 6253, 095000-625#, 095000-6250, 095000-6251, 095000-6252, 095000-6253, 095000625#, 0950006250, 0950006251, 0950006252, 0950006253, 16600 EB70#, 16600 EB700, 16600 EB70A, 16600 EB70C, 16600 EB70D, 16600 EC00#, 16600 EC00A, 16600-EB70#, 16600-EB700, 16600-EB70A, 16600-EB70C, 16600-EB70D, 16600-EC00#, 16600-EC00A, 16600EB70#, 16600EB700, 16600EB70A, 16600EB70C, 16600EB70D, 16600EC00#, 16600EC00A, DCRI106250, HU095000 625#, HU095000-625#, HU095000625#, SM095000 625#, SM095000-625#, SM095000625#

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$100 core charge per injector. refunded on return of the old cores

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